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Patio Doors in Saskatoon

At Northern Glass & Mirror, we supply Saskatoon with North Star Patio Doors. These residential doors have many unique benefits and features. Some include:

  • They come with a multi-point locking system with the option for a key
  • These patio doors also come with a raised track system so you don’t have to worry about the wheels being worn down by rocks in the track
  • Color options for The North Star PVC patios doors are as extensive as their window colors
  • Everything we order is custom built to fit your home and patio doors are no exception
  • Patio doors can come in the dual and triple pane. We also have a mini blind option where there are blinds between the glass. These blinds are fully equipped with a tilt, turn and a raise, lower mechanism. This option is only available in dual pane and standard sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Patio Doors

What is the benefit of a patio door?

Patio doors take up less room than the traditional garden door where you would have to consider having space for the swing of the door. As well many people prefer the larger glass that comes in a patio door.

What is the warranty of a patio door?

Our North Star patio doors come with a transferable lifetime warranty on glass and PVC, 10 years on hardware and a 1 year labour warranty.

What does transferable lifetime warranty mean?

North Star offers a transferable lifetime warranty on all PVC Windows and Patio Doors. This means 30+ years and if you sell your house you can transfer the warranty to the new owners.