Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason my windows are foggy?

There are multiple reasons why your windows are foggy. High humidity or seal failure are most common among these. For more in-depth information contact one of our specialists in the office

How do I get a free quote on my windows and door renovation?

Simply contact our store and our sales manager will arrange a time to come and assess the job and consult you on the product.

What kind of warranty is there on my windows and doors?

All the products we have are covered under warranty but depending on the product it ranges from 20 years to Lifetime. We also offer a 1-year workmanship guarantee.

What should I do to make a warranty claim on my windows or doors?

It’s simple. Contact our store and our warranty depart will commence your warranty claim.

How long does it take to get my windows or doors in?

That will depend on the manufacturer you have chosen and what product you order. Our PVC windows are 4 weeks to receive in stock and our doors are approximately 5 weeks to arrive.

Can we have our windows and doors coloured?

Absolutely! We offer several colour options and we can have your doors custom painted or stained to your liking.

Does Northern Glass & Mirror install windows and doors that were not sold by Northern Glass & Mirror?

No, we don’t as we are unable to warranty the product and it creates a conflict of interest.

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