Vinyl Window and Door Maintenance

It only takes a little effort to keep your vinyl window and doors clean. Follow these simple cleaning and maintenance tips for simple solutions. Never wash your windows with a high-pressure sprayer.

Regular Maintenance

Only wash glass and frames using either a soft cloth or soft bristle brush. For more difficult dirt and stains, use household cleansers, but always be sure to follow manufacturers directions.

Never use an abrasive cleanser like Ajax. These cleansers are very rough and can have a negative effect on your glass and frames.

Do not use any cleansers that contain aggressive solvents. They too can affect the appearance of your glass and frames. Some examples of these cleansers are liquid grease remover, nail polish remover, furniture cleansers, and chlorine bleach.


Cleaning your Screens

Follow the manufacturer cleaning instructions for exterior screens. You can clean the interior screens using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, or wipe them with soapy water.


Cleaning your Glass

Use a mild soap or vinegar based cleaner by spraying. Wipe with a clean soft cloth or sponge. Never use ammonia or alcohol-based cleaner. They can cause unsightly streaking.


Maintaining Self Cleaning Glass

Our windows and patio doors are available with optional Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass, which features a thin, clear, permanent, coating on one of its surfaces. The coating makes raindrops spread out, or sheet, across the surface to wash away dirt particles. It also acts as a catalyst, when activated by sunlight, to break down organic dirt into water vapor and CO2 gas.


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